About CASA

The mission of CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) of Will County is to draw from community resources to provide well-trained volunteers who will advocate for abused and neglected children in our court system, provide needed information to the court, and help develop a more effective juvenile court process.

Our vision is to increase community awareness and reporting of child abuse and neglect.

We are the child’s voice in the court system and our volunteers’ motto is, “I am for the child!”


CASA of Will County works diligently to ensure that all of the abused and neglected children we serve find safe and secure homes where they are able to recover from their past and look towards a brighter future. We act as the child’s voice in court, helping to navigate the confusing maze of the juvenile court system and making sure that the child’s needs are being met. More than 90% of the children we serve come from low-income families. Donations from individuals such as yourself ensure that the children we serve receive the services they need free of cost. It costs CASA $1,000 per child, per year to offer our services. The barriers to recovery from abuse and neglect may seem insurmountable, but they can be overcome with community support.

In order to advocate for the 331 children that CASA served in 2016, our volunteers traveled over 55,000 miles and donated over 7,000 hours of their time. Our work transforms lives. We have countless stories of children whose lives are irrevocably changed by CASA – stories of children who were kept from living on the streets; about children who were rescued from abuse not only in their own home, but in their foster home as well; stories of children who were reunited with family members and are now living happy and fulfilling lives. Numerous studies have proven the benefit of a child having a CASA advocate at their side. Children with CASA advocates spend 8 months less in foster care on average than children without CASA representation, and are also less likely to re-enter the system than children who do not have CASA advocates. We work tirelessly to ensure every child on our caseload is able to find a safe, permanent, loving home. Please, consider becoming a CASA volunteer. A few hours of your time per month can offer a child the gift of a brighter future.