Welcome New CASA Staff Members

Danielle Crisanto (left), Advocate Supervisor, and Rebecca Howey (right), Volunteer Coordinator

Danielle Crisanto (left), Advocate Supervisor, and Rebecca Howey (right), Volunteer Coordinator

CASA would like to welcome its newest staff members, Rebecca Howey and Danielle Crisanto, as Advocate Supervisor and Volunteer Coordinator, respectively. Rebecca would like to share her story of how she became involved with CASA:

I originally found out about CASA when I was in law school.  I liked the idea of being able to make a DIRECT impact on children’s lives, and I liked CASA’s advocacy philosophy.

I began as an Advocate in February 2015.  I remember my first home visit as if it were yesterday.  I have watched the case progress, and I have built a wonderful rapport with the children and the foster family.  I look forward to every visit I make- whether it is at school, at the foster home, or out in the community.  Last summer, I brought a board game for the children and I to play.  Now, regardless of where we meet, I have to bring that game.  It has become a very cool tradition.  We have even played the game with their parents!

I have seen these children learn to trust me, and I have listened as they open up to me.  I have watched them grow physically and emotionally.  We have celebrated great report cards and huge behavior improvements.  I have tried to provide support when they are sad and mad.  An Advocate’s role is to be there- to provide whatever support is necessary whenever it is needed.  It is an awesome responsibility, one I cherish! 

Now, as a part-time CASA staff member, I oversee 20+ cases.  One of these cases is my Advocate case.  I am so thankful that I could step into this role and advocate for even more children!  I enjoy the variety of work I am responsible for, especially my time in the courtroom and meeting people associated with each case.  I am glad that I can be the “eyes and ears” for so many children under such tragic circumstances.  We celebrate each and every victory, no matter how small, as these children try to obtain stability in their lives.

Danielle also came to CASA because she has a passion to work with children in need.  In addition to her work as Volunteer Coordinator, she is also going to school to pursue a degree in Social Services.

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