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CASA of Will County’s mission

is to draw from community resources in order to provide well-trained volunteers who will advocate for abused and neglected children in our court system, provide needed information to the court, and help develop a more effective juvenile court process.

Could you be our
everyday Superhero?

CASA of Will County is recruiting a special

team of volunteers to be the voice

for abused and neglected children.

DCFS reports that there are more than 400 children in foster care each year.

CASA of Will County advocated for 345 children last year.

Currently we have 106 volunteers advocating for children in our community.

Since 1994, our volunteers have changed the lives of more than 3,000 children.

Discover Your Voice

Becoming the voice of an abused or neglected child leads to fewer foster home placements, better academic performance and hope for a promising future. Channel your compassion today into helping a child find a safe, permanent home tomorrow.


Our CASA volunteers pledge to be there for these children. To listen to them, speak for them, and stand up in court to represent their best interests. To fight without ceasing until they are able to find safe, permanent, loving homes. By acting as their voice, we can help these children to overcome their past, heal emotionally, and have the chance of a brighter future that is filled with hope.

Our Volunteers


Winnie at Tiffany’s college graduation

“When I met Tiffany she was 14 and had been terribly abused. She spent several years in different foster homes and had no trust in anyone. In spite of it all, we knew she had something to offer. We never gave up on her. I never was going to give up on her.”

— Winnie
The voice of a child since October 2005


“These children, if we set them on the right path, will be the people making those decisions and doing those right things and so they deserve the opportunity to have the tools in their corner to do the right things.”

— Valerie
The voice of a child since October 2017


“Volunteering for CASA gave me the experience to figure out exactly what I wanted to do, which was social work. I’m now taking my masters for social work.”

— Tasheika
The voice of a child since November 2015


“I think the best contribution you can make to society is helping a child.”

“I enjoy volunteering my time, I was looking for something to add to my retirement and give back to the wonderful life I had.”

— Richard
The voice of a child since January 2017


“If you are passionate about helping children, you should get involved with CASA. Being the voice for the kids of our community is what’s going to make the world a better place.”

— Meg, Current Board Member
The voice of a child since September 1999


“I volunteer to try and make a difference. I found that there were so many children who didn’t have what I had given my son. So I found the time, energy, and desire to do that for another family.”

“As a CASA you’re helping children who are in a situation to no fault of their own, and those are the ones who need the most help.”

— Debbie
The voice of a child since October 2017


“The impact of your work as a CASA can really change a child’s life.”

— Cristina
The voice of a child since January 2016


“One of the most important things about helping children is that it gives them a better chance to have a brighter future.”

— Dan
The voice of a child since February 2018


“I like being a CASA because I am advocating for the child. I’m helping and fighting for them in court. I just really love that I can make a difference in their lives.”

— Zipporah
The voice of a child since April 2018


“I volunteer because it’s for the kids. Seeing them accomplish things that they thought weren’t possible is rewarding.”

— Eric
The voice of a child since February 2015

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